ArtDeShine Bio Clean and Shine 200ml

ArtDeShine Bio Clean and Shine 200ml

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ArtDeShine Bio Clean & Shine Rinse Enhancer

Drying aid with cleaning properties.  Versatile product that can be used with or without washing and also during, before or after washing.  A faster alternative to quick detailers and sealants with no compromises on sheen and slickness.


  1. Dilute 1:10
  2. Wet surface with water, shampooing optional.
  3. Wash off shampoo if present.
  4. Spray several times over panel, spread using mitt/microfiber (or while claying).
  5. Rinse off with water.
  6. Wipe dry.

For dry use (light duty waterless wash):

  1. Dilute 1:5
  2. Spray product on microfiber, wipe and spread evenly.
  3. Buff off, ensure no product residue remains.
  • 4 weeks durability
  • Hydrophobic, smooth and slick
  • Cleaning properties
  • Can be used as a clay clube; simply clay, wipe and coated.