AR Blue Ocean Pressure Washer AR630TSS-WOGW

AR Blue Ocean Pressure Washer AR630TSS-WOGW

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Washer only - non-kit (No hose/wand/nozzles)

AR Blue Clean AR630-TSS is a powerful industrial-strength pressure washer with 1,900 PSI. This powerful high-pressure industrial pressure washer comes with the following features: 

  • Trigger gun for positive shut off and user safety
  • Adjustable pressure gauge to tailor pressure to the application
  • Automatic safety valve with low-pressure bypass
  • Built-in detergent suction
  • Easy-clean mesh-designed water filter that extends the life of the pump
  • Twist-fast coupler for quick removal and attachment of pressure hose
  • Safety lock prevents the trigger from accidentally engaging when not in use
  • GFCI to shut down power supply in the event of electrical ground failure
  • TSS or Total Stop System included to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the motor when the machine trigger is not squeezed.

💡NON KIT - You'll require Hose/Gun/Wand/Nozzles, ex) MTM Kit & Nozzles 👈

💡Important - You'll need the Garden Hose Adapter also👈

Max GPM 2.1
Max PSI 1900
Amps 19A (will work on 15A as long as the circuit is free of other appliances). The age of the electrical panel/circuit will matter also.
Temperature Cold 
Motor Type Induction Motor 120V 60Hz
M22 14mm
Dimensions Length: 15.5", Height: 9", Width: 9.5"

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