AR Blue Ocean Pressure Washer AR630TSS-HOT-WOGW

AR Blue Ocean Pressure Washer AR630TSS-HOT-WOGW

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HOT Water version.

Washer only - non-kit (No hose/wand/nozzles)

AR Blue Clean AR630-TSS is a powerful industrial-strength pressure washer with 1,900 PSI. This powerful high-pressure industrial pressure washer comes with the following features: 

  • Trigger gun for positive shut off and user safety
  • Adjustable pressure gauge to tailor pressure to the application
  • Automatic safety valve with low-pressure bypass
  • Built-in detergent suction
  • Easy-clean mesh-designed water filter that extends the life of the pump
  • Twist-fast coupler for quick removal and attachment of pressure hose
  • Safety lock prevents the trigger from accidentally engaging when not in use
  • GFCI to shut down power supply in the event of electrical ground failure
  • TSS or Total Stop System included to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the motor when the machine trigger is not squeezed.

💡NON KIT - You'll require Hose/Gun/Wand/Nozzles, ex) MTM Kit & Nozzles 👈

💡Important - You'll need the Garden Hose Adapter also👈

💡Hot Water Version means it's capable of taking up to 60C (140F) water as input, does not mean it sprays hot water.

Max GPM 2.1
Max PSI 1900
Amps 19A (will work on 15A as long as the circuit is free of other appliances). The age of the electrical panel/circuit will matter also.
Temperature 140F
Motor Type Induction Motor 120V 60Hz
M22 14mm
Dimensions Length: 15.5", Height: 9", Width: 9.5"

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