APS Pro RV50 - 50mm Extension for Rupes iBrid Nano Polisher

APS Pro RV50 - 50mm Extension for Rupes iBrid Nano Polisher

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APS 50mm Extension for Rupes iBrid

APS Pro RV50 is an extension (iBrid Extension Bar) specially developed for the Rupes iBrid Nanopolier, which increases the distance between the backing plate and the gear head of your Rupes iBrid Nanopolisher by at least 50mm.

APS Pro RV50 - 50mm extension has the same diameter as the original Rupes Rotary Functional Unit and can be screwed in series with 2, 3 or even 4 extensions. Thanks to precise manufacturing with small tolerance gaps, there is no imbalance or other impairment of the rotary movement even at maximum speeds. Attention: a maximum of 2 extensions are recommended for eccentric operation with the iBrid Orbit Functional Unit 3 or 12 mm.

APS Pro RV50 can also be used as an extension for APS Pro RVA50. In contrast to PVA40, RVA50 suitable for Proxxon cannot be linked. An APS Pro RVA50 can therefore take on the extension function here, if distances of 10cm and more are required.

APS Pro RV50 - 50mm extension suitable for Rupes iBrid nano polisher is made of solid, anodized aluminum and has notches, which enable quick dismantling of the with the help of an open-end wrench or original iBrid assembly tool.