APEX Protekt Sealant 500ml

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APEX Protekt Sealant 500ml

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A special blend of silane and siloxane polymers gives a coating like feel and protection. This Product leaves the paint surface slick, smooth and hydrophobic. Protekt has been designed for ease of application, saving time and effort. Protekt can also be applied to all surfaces. Works on dry and damp applications.


  • 5-6 months durability
  • Hydrophobic
  • Reflective Shine
  • Reduces surface friction
  • Water soluble product
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Fuss free application
  • Chemical resistant. PH resistance 5 -12
  • Safe for all surfaces


  • Ensure surface is clean and free of oils and debris
  • Wipe dry with damp cloth
  • Apply Protekt sparingly in 3ft x 3ft area.
  • Use microfiber towel to massage product into surfaces
  • If streaks appear, use a damp micrfiber towel over the area and then use a dry microfiber to buff off.
  • Allow Protekt to cure a minimum of 2 hours.

For Wet Use:

  • Spray product on wet panel
  • Spread evenly over panel
  • Buff until dry with dry towel or towels until no residue remains.