APEX BC 6 Wheel Ceramic Coating 30ml

APEX BC 6 Wheel Ceramic Coating 30ml - CARZILLA.CA

APEX BC 6 Wheel Ceramic Coating 30ml

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APEX Blue Collar SIX Wheel Coating

Blue Collar 6 is a heat resistant track grade wheel coating designed to protect your wheels from ferrous metals and assist in making the cleaning process a whole lot easier. Blue Collar 6 features a Polysilazane formula specifically for rims. It bonds to any wheel type to create a heat resistant barrier capable of withstanding temperature as high as 900 degrees. The hydrophobic formula produces a self-cleaning effect that makes it easier to keep wheels clean.

1. Prepare surface by washing and using a prep spray.
2. Apply a thick even coat using applicator of your choice.
3. Wait 2 minutes and wipe off.
4. Allow to fully cure for 12 hr.