Apex BC 2 Ceramic Coating Spray 4oz

Apex BC 2 Ceramic Coating Spray 4oz - CARZILLA.CA

Apex BC 2 Ceramic Coating Spray 4oz

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Apex BC2 Blue Collar Ceramic Coating Spray

BC 2 is designed to be a very quick and relatively easy short term coating that you can simply mist or spray to apply. Its made up of polysilazane and offers some durability boosts to painted surfaces ( 5H ) , UV protection, as well as a significant boost to shine and gloss.

The best way to apply BC 2 is to spray into a damp microfiber towel and buff out paint in a 3x3 section, then follow up with a dry microfiber towel and wipe away all the excess coating till its completely invisible and move onto the next panel. Let cure minimum of 4 hr. Keep out of rain and free flowing water until cured. Top with BC3 and enjoy!!


  • Hydrophobicity
  • Shine and gloss boost
  • UV Protection
  • Hardness of 5H
  • Quicker application
  • Easier to wipe away
  • Can be layered
  • Year long durability
  • Chemical resistance