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Adam's Tire Armor 12oz

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Adam's Tire Armor 12oz

Adam's Tire Armor is a semi-permanent, acrylic layer that gives tires a dressed or new tire look for an extended period of time. Silicone, although it's shiny and leaves a dressed appearance, doesn’t last! Adam's Tire Armor is a silicone-free product and will outlast any conventional tire dressing and leave your tires fresh, hydrophobic, and non-browning for weeks.

New COAT (Customized Optional Acrylic Technology) Formula

Extremely Long Lasting Tire Dressing leaves no residue, reduces dust, dirt, and eliminates sling like conventional tire dressings!

Hydrophobic Coating Makes Dirt, Grime, Snow, and Rain easier to clean!

UV Inhibitor Resists Harmful UV Rays

Its patented COAT feature (Customized Optional Acrylic Technology) allows you to decide whether you want a flatter, satin finish, or a glossier, wet look in a matter of minutes!

So why do you need this product?

One of the main attributes we relate to a freshly detailed vehicle is tire dressing. Whether Satin and a rich black color, or the more glossy, wet look, it’s the finishing touch once you’re entire wash process is over. BUT, what about the longevity? Your paint stays clean, beads water like crazy, and your windows stay fresh, but your tires are the first to fall off the wagon on a clean vehicle! Most tire shines are packed with silicone that provide a pleasant appearance at first, but wear away with just a few trips even under the most perfect conditions!

Enter Adam’s Tire Armor, a semi-permanent, acrylic layer that is here to stay, literally. You’re probably thinking, “Acrylic… that sounds like paint!” and you’re not entirely wrong! Here at Adam’s Polishes we’ve been hard at work to create an extremely flexible and elastic clear coat that not only adheres specifically to rubber, but lets your tire live like a tire everyday! Hit speed bumps, go off-road, run through the mud… Dressed tires are ready to rally now, thanks to Tire Armor.

When developing this product, we went through dozens of formulas ensuring the proper sheen was achievable with ease for our customers and incorporated our COAT technology for this reason! COAT stands for Customized Optional Acrylic Technology, meaning you can have that same satin finish from VRT OR the glossy appearance from Tire Shine! Just apply an additional coat after your introductory layer has been dry for about 15 minutes. Now, there are thousands of different tires out there, both new and old, so the amount of coats that works for one tire might not be the same as a fresh set from the tire shop— Applying a thorough base layer is key!

So how long does this stuff really last?

The question everyone wants to know the answer to! As mentioned above, with thousands of different tire combinations, it’s difficult to put an exact number on it, but we can comfortably say that it’ll be weeks if not months before you need to readdress the situation. PLUS, you can use Tire Armor as a base layer of protection against mud, UV rays, snow, and rain and put the more temporary option of Tire Shine over top to make it pop!

How do I apply this?

With any coating or protective layer, you want to make sure the tire is as clean as possible before applying. Some tires will require 5 rounds of cleaning, some will require only 2! The way to ensure you’ve done a thorough job is when Tire & Rubber Cleaner suds up and looks white in appearance, rather than brown or orange! Once cleaned, you’ll want to ensure it's completely dry in the tread block and around the bead of the wheel— Excess water builds up in the bead of the wheel, making it slowly drip out after washing!

Now for the application— Ensuring a thorough application of this product is key. Start by dispensing the product over the surface area of the tire, tread block, and side wall lettering. Once applied, use a Microfiber Applicator or VRT Block to work the chemical into the tire. For larger tread blocks, we recommend either a trim and lug brush or interior brush to paint the chemical into the tread blocks peaks and valleys! Thorough application is key as this product builds a super thin layer of acrylic. If there is a high or low spot, it will be the first to go and cause a “skin peel” and ultimately wear away faster!

“Whoa, this stuff is blue?”Don’t worry, that's just the active ingredient doing it's thing on the surface and beginning to cure! As you agitate the chemical, it will become suds and look like its foaming, but it will self level to an even finish once dried.

So now what? How long do I wait? Adam’s Tire Armor is dry to the touch in 5-7 minutes, but you’ll want to wait about 10-15 minutes before applying additional coats for increased gloss! Once that’s all done, you can drive off into the sunset and enjoy no-sling, dressed tires wherever you go.



Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Tire Armor is a semi-permanent coating for rubber tires. Over-applying can cause drips in the final result, so be sure to work the product thoroughly into the surface and allow proper dry time. Adam’s Tire Armor is not a conventional tire dressing; spraying on and walking away will result in uneven coverage that will need to be removed before reapplication.