Adam's Patriot SiO2 Wax

Adam's Patriot SiO2 Wax

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Adam's Patriot SiO2 Wax

This new version of Patriot Wax contains 2 times the carnauba content of Americana, for truly amazing depth and warmth; and we've also infused it with a small amount of SiO2 silica, to have better clarity and similar protection characteristics of a ceramic coating.

Only the most premium, purest, freshest Brazilian carnauba wax is used to mix this small batch, hand-poured wax, so you’re certain to receive a product worthy of even the most discerning shine seeker. Each batch is carefully mixed with shine enhancing oils and reinforcing polymers to provide an unbelievable level of gloss and an application experience thats truly special. This is a wax for your prized show car, weekend pleasure driver, or a truly special detail. 


Our new regular production run of Patriot Wax comes packaged in a lightweight clear container to show the new red, white, and blue color theme, includes an approximately liquid 6oz pour of our blend, and a machined and anodized billet aluminum coin affixed to the lid. Its recommended that your Patriot Wax be refrigerated when not in use and kept away from excessive heat.