Adam's One Step Metal Polish 8oz

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Adam’s One-Step Metal Polish is a revolutionary alternative to our dual Metal Polishes #1 & #2 with the intention of combining both steps into one to save time and effort! Adam’s One-Step Metal Polish quickly and effectively produces an extreme shine with minimal effort and rubbing!

  • Polish Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless & Uncoated Metals
  • Specialty Abrasive for Extremely Fine Finishes
  • Designed for Ease and Durability of Consistent Shine
  • Lubricious Formula with Natural and Synthetic Sealers
  • VOC Compliant

Along with a blend of specialty abrasives, this formulation contains natural and synthetic sealers that will produce a lubricating effect and generate a highly durable finish that won’t immediately re-oxidize. This metal polish is suitable for a variety of surfaces including stainless, aluminum, chrome, brass, or even acts as an effective plastic polish.


  1. Prepare surface to be polished by cleaning with any of our Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner, Eco-All Purpose Cleaner or even Adam’s Waterless Wash and an Adam’s Waterless Wash towel.
  2. Apply several pea size drops of Adam’s One-Step Metal Polish to a microfiber applicator sponge.
  3. Using light pressure, don’t rub hard, apply in circular motions for 30 seconds to 1 minute and observe black oxidation generated. If no black oxidation is generated, then the surface is clear coated and discontinue use.
  4. When cleaning up the residue from polishing, avoid using brighteners or ammonia-based products and instead reach for Adam’s Waterless Wash or Adam’s CS3 along with an Adam’s Waterless Wash towel to make clean up a breeze!
  5. Fold towel into fourths and wipe down surface, flipping towel to a fresh surface with each subsequent pass.
  6. Repeat steps as necessary until defects and oxidation are satisfactorily removed.