Adam's Odor Bomb (Chlorine Dioxide)

Adam's Odor Bomb (Chlorine Dioxide)

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Adam's Odor Bomb (Chlorine Dioxide)

Adam’s Odor Bomb eliminates severe odors in your vehicle’s interior. This product is not a masking agent. The Adam’s Odor Bomb uses Eco-friendly Chlorine Dioxide vapors to eliminate odors, with no dangerous residue left behind. It works on all chemical and organic odors. Each Odor Bomb is good for one use in a vehicle interior up to 250 cubic feet.

  • Eliminate Vehicle Interior Odors from Pets, Smoke, Food, Gas, Mold, and More
  • Not a Masking Agent
  • One Use Per Container
  • Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Our Odor Bomb removes odors caused by bacteria, chemicals, cigars, cigarettes, food, gasoline, mildew, mold, paint, pets, smoke, spoiled milk, vomit, and more. This product is safe, non-toxic, and will degrade into a saltwater solution; however, it is an irritant, so there should be no persons or pets in the vehicle while the Odor Bomb is activated and in use. All components are 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, and made in the USA.

Read all instructions before using! To guarantee success, follow all directions exactly as indicated:


  1. Place vehicle out of direct sunlight (i.e. Carport or garage) - sunlight/UV rays weaken the Chlorine Dioxide strength.
  2. Open container and remove all contents.
  3. Place container on a flat, secure surface. Open the Step 3 activator, pull safety seal slowly to avoid spilling. Pour into center holes. Liquid will go to the bottom of the container. This step then activates to process.
  4. Close the area that is being detoxified. Everyone including pets and children needs to be removed from area.
  5. Take Time Processing Static cling sticker and write the time starting and ending. Place on closed door or window.
  6. Leave the Odor Bomb working for 1-12 hours depending on the severity of odor.
  7. At the end of treatment, open all doors for ventilation, and place lid back on the Adam’s Odor Bomb container. To empty container, fil with water and pour down a drain. Dispose of container in an outdoor waste container or compost.
  8.  Allow the vehicle to ventilate for 20 minutes before entering.

WARNING: Make sure to place the lid on the container before removing from vehicle to avoid spilling any excess liquids, as this may bleach some surfaces it contacts.

TIPS: To ensure optimal performance, reference these tips:

  1.  Before using Adam’s Odor Bomb, make sure all interior compartments are open (i.e. glove box, center console compartments, etc.).
  2. Pull down all window visors.
  3. Place floor mats on their sides.
  4. Clean out ashtrays and remove all trash.
  5. Change cabin air filter.
  6. Before Step 9 above, set vehicle fan to recycle and run the fan for 15 minutes.
  7. Minimum temperature to work most effectively must not be below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.