Adam's Interior Protection Paste 5oz

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Adam's Interior Protection Paste 5oz

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Adam's Interior Protection Paste 5oz

Conditions, restores, and protects your leather surfaces with natural ingredients.

Adam’s Leather & Interior Protection Paste is a cream that moisturizes and conditions new and old leather. It restores color, feeling, and protection back to leather surfaces. You will be amazed at the rich appearance and smooth feeling that it gives your seats, armrests, dashboard, and more. Like most of our products, a little bit goes a long way - agitate the foam applicator on the paste to absorb product to be applied, then on the foam applicator treat a side bolster of a seat for example. Since it’s an all-organic product, you can apply it with your bare hands too. Apply it quarterly, or about every 5,000 miles, depending on seat usage. For best results, store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Adam’s Leather & Interior Protection Paste contains zero water and is solid nutrients for your leather surfaces. As your car takes on more mileage and usage, your interior surfaces are the only things that continue to get worn away when you’re not driving. The average interior temperature of your vehicle on a 70-degree sunny day can easily reach over 100 degrees after just 30 minutes outside, slowly diminishing your seats, dashboard, door panels, and interior components. Leather interiors have many similarities with our own skin when it gets hot and weathered-- Our interior surfaces swell as they grow warmer and constantly expand and contract through the seasons, this promotes premature cracking, tearing, and flaking of leather dashboards, seats, and headrests. In order to properly protect those surfaces, it is crucial to have a UV blocker and moisturizing conditioner to replenish what is lost when we are away. Adam’s Leather & Interior Protection Paste contains Lanolin and Beeswax to provide your surfaces with natural ingredients and replenishing properties to give your leather incredible feel and appearance, while not adding a glossy sheen.

Adam’s Protection Paste contains fortified and hardened Lanolin and Beeswax within the formula to provide this most premium blend of ingredients to your interior, in an oily paste form. To properly maintain your leather, it is recommended to protect your seats, dashboard, and interior components quarterly with Adam’s interior Protection Paste, or as needed. This product can be used in full sun, however, it is recommended that the product is applied to a cool surface to avoid any risk of heat transfer or reactions with heat. Any vehicle with a leather interior, porous and non-porous dashboard, and/or leatherette surfaces needs to be properly taken care of, or it will show signs of fatigue, fading, and sun damage. 

  • Heals & Restores Dry Leather

  • Matte Finish

  • Sandalwood Scent

  • For Porous & Non-Porous Leather Surfaces

  • Natural Beeswax & Lanolin Oil

  • Protects Leather Surfaces

  • Skin Safe