Adam's Foam + Wash 16oz

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Adam's Foam + Wash 16oz

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Adam’s Foam + Wash generates a thick, shaving cream type foam for a highly lubricating wash in any environment without the use of any external water – no hoses, pressurized washes, or buckets required! Adam’s Foam + Wash is assisted by using a choice aerator, such as any of our IK foam sprayer options, and some choice, quality microfiber towels.

  • Cleans and Shines Simultaneously Without Scratching and No External Water Required
  • Available In 16 oz only
  • Highly Lubricious, Thick Foam from an IK Foam Sprayer of Choice
  • Usable on All Automotive Exterior Surfaces
  • Friable Surfactants – Leaves No Residues Behind
  • Prepares the Surface for Choice of Protection
  • Cranberry Scented

Adam’s Foam + Wash is a hoseless wash which makes it ideal for providing another option for vehicle cleaning and maintenance in less than ideal conditions including offering a solution for individuals living in apartments with no access to water or in areas with heavy water restrictions.

The formulation works by combining a complex blend of surfactants, sequestrants, corrosion inhibitors, and choice humectants, to generate a wet, luxurious foam that provides a safe, non-scratching process to clean a vehicle and remove difficult films caused by salts and other road brines – all without leaving any residues or films behind.

How is this different than our Adam’s Rinseless and Waterless Wash, including Adam’s CS3 and Graphene CS3™?

This formula foams, very aggressively, and is concentrated enough to be used on much dirtier vehicles than we would normally recommend for the trigger sprayer style chemicals. While Rinseless Wash can be used in a bucket wash, the Adam’s Foam + Wash doesn’t require even a bucket’s worth of water to achieve the desired results of an optimal wash. Additionally, Adam’s Foam + Wash also contains no protection, so it’s best to follow-up Adam’s Foam + Wash with a choice of protection such as Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss, Adam’s Slick & Slide, or similars.

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Dilute 3-4 fl oz of Adam’s Foam + Wash to volume with a 64 fl oz IK Foam Pro 2 Sprayer. Alternatively, dilute 9-12 fl oz of Adam’s Foam + Wash to volume with a 6L IK Pro Foam 12 Sprayer. Gently shake to ensure solution is dissolved.
  2. Mentally partition the vehicle into sections and foam the product directly onto the surface. Using a clean side of a quality microfiber towel, wipe the foam and encapsulated contaminants in one direction as necessary to sufficiently clean the surface. Switch towels when switching to new sections of the vehicle.
  3. Work a section at a time in this way until the vehicle is completely cleaned. Follow up with Adam’s Detail Spray and a microfiber towel for any areas that need revisited.
  4. Complete the dry wash by using a choice of protection via Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss, Adam’s Slick & Slide, or similar.