Adam's Extractor Shampoo 16oz Concentrated

Adam's Extractor Shampoo 16oz Concentrated

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Adam’s Extractor Shampoo was designed to go hand-in-hand with Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor. This highly concentrated, low-foaming detergent does an excellent job of cleaning any type of carpeting, fabric and upholstery and utilizes orange oils to aid in grease cutting and leaving a fresh, clean, citrus scent.
  • All-Purpose Carpet Cleaner, Spot Remover or Upholstery Pre-Spray
  • Designed for Use with Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor
  • Highly Concentrated – Use 2-3 fl oz per Gallon of Water in Carpet Extractor
  • Low Foaming, Powerful Cleaning, Grime & Grease Cutting
  • Mild pH, Color Safe & Won’t Damage Textiles of All Types
  • Zesty, Citrus Scent