Adam's Enzymatic Cleaner 16oz

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Adam’s Enzymatic Cleaner is fully-loaded with a synergistic blend of bacterial enzymes that naturally break down and eliminate stains and odors caused by bio-based contaminants! This non-toxic, fully biodegradable formulation should be your go-to for cleaning carpet and upholstery found within your home or vehicle from problems like grease, oils, urine, feces, blood, wine, coffee, vomit, and other absolutely horrible spills or accidents. 

  • Contains 400 Billion Bacterial Enzymes Per Gallon
  • Helps Eliminate Stains & Odors from Extreme Bio-Based Messes
  • Water-Based, Non-Toxic
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Neutral, Fresh Scent
  • Safe On All Surfaces

Adam’s Enzymatic Cleaner is extremely concentrated and contains over 400 BILLION organisms per gallon! As such, it’s important to keep this formula stored between 45 – 105°F (7 – 40°C) to keep a pH range of 6-9 to avoid disturbing the helpful bacterial organisms.

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Spray or soak area to be cleaned where bio-based spill or accident happened ensure coverage of the full area and perimeter.
  2. Allow 10-30 minutes dwell time and then blot out using a high-quality microfiber towel such as Adam’s Single Soft Microfiber Towel.
  3. In extreme cases, use for multiple applications and cover treated area with a utility towel, such as Adam’s Edgeless Utility Towel, to allow for slower evaporation and permit to sit overnight and clean as above next day for particularly stubborn stains and odors.