Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating 12oz New Version!

Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating 12oz New Version!

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Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating 12oz New Version!

Introducing Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating, a sprayable easy-to-use ceramic coating— an industry changing product. Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating combines the enriched gloss, extreme hydrophobic properties, and effects of a ceramic coating with the application of a spray and wipe product. Like many competitors that have entered this space, this product is safe enough to spray out of bottle, and isn’t volatile raw ingredients dissolved in Isopropyl Alcohol.

This formulation bridges the gap between a professional coating installation, with the DIY enthusiast or weekend hobbyist. Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating is a 9H ceramic coating that has been reengineered to be sprayed out of a bottle and wiped onto the surface. The revolutionary chemistry allows you to use this as a stand alone coating, or top your current coating with this to add an extra mirror-like shine and restore 100% of the hydrophobic properties back to the coating. The same steps are recommended for this process if you’re wanting to lock down the ultimate shine, but we strongly recommend a fine grade clay bar be used at minimum prior to coating.

The process is simple: If you’re planning on coating everything on your vehicle, spray each panel with the coating and watch as the coating begins to immediately rainbow (this is okay, it’s the coatings way of saying it’s curing). After about 1- 2 minutes, buff with a Double Soft Towel to a high shine to remove any surface oils and rainbow effects. If you’re wanting to control your areas more, dispense Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating into a Double Soft towel folded into fourths. Wipe and cover the surface wanting to be treated, then buff to a high shine after 1 minute. Not allowing proper set time will result in reduced longevity.

Please note, spraying the product into the towel, then touching the paint allows the coating to hybridize (begin to cure) in the air, so you’ll have the rainbow effects appear sooner than the previous application method. Not allowing proper set time will result in reduced longevity.