Adam's Anti-Fog 4oz

Adam's Anti-Fog 4oz

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Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution is an all-purpose glass, mirror, lens, and visor treatment that cleans and produces an anti-condensation effect, simultaneously! Fogging is caused by micro-beading of water on glass as condensation forms due to a temperature variance on either side of the glass – temperature moves from hot to cold bringing moisture with it. Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution produces a super hydrophilic effect to force the water to flatten and not bead, rendering fogging on the treated surface difficult. If left undisturbed and untouched, Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will persist through many repeated condensation exposures.

  • Cleans, Lubricates, and Treats Simultaneously
  • Super Hydrophilic – Produces Contact Angles <10°
  • Persists Through Repeated Condensation Exposures Without Needing to Reapply
  • Usable on Glass, Mirrors, Lenses, Goggles, Visors, and Plastics
  • Safe On Tint
  • No Dyes or Fragrances

If needed, the product can be removed using a cleaner and a quality microfiber towel or re-deposited by simply reapplying the product to treat the surface once more. Persistent use of the product as an alternative to a glass cleaner will maintain the effect indefinitely.

Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will not damage or harm surfaces and is safe for tint, navigation screens, lenses, and all types of glass, mirrors, and even plastics! Try it on goggles, safety glasses, helmets, visors, and face shields!

Instructions for General Use:

  1. If desired, clean and prepare surface by using Adam’s Surface Prep. Adam’s Glass Cleaner is not preferred, since it has a hydrophobic additive built into it. If Adam’s Surface Prep is unavailable, the Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will work well even with the surface unprepared.
  2. Shake well before use. Apply a liberal amount of Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution directly onto a microfiber applicator. Spread a layer onto the surface, evenly, using the applicator in a cross-hatch motion. Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will flash quickly leaving a haze.
  3. Wipe down the haze using a quality microfiber towel and observe from many angles to ensure no smearing or streaking. Continue to wipe down with fresh sides of the microfiber towel until the surface has clarity.
  4. Anti-fog effect will be immediate with no cure time required. Reapply as frequently as desired. If any haziness appears, simply wipe down with a microfiber towel – the effect will persist despite repeatedly wiping down.