Adam's All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel 128oz

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Adam's All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel 128oz

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Adam's All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel 128oz

Clean all surfaces in your interior, for any purpose with this high foaming, gel formula!

Adam's All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel is a game-changing cleaning formula with thicker viscosity for better cleaning efficiency! Vehicle interiors require special care to keep them clean and protected for years and years to come. Unfortunately, most folks don't realize how harmful harsh detergents can be on leather, vinyl, and textured plastic. Harsh cleaners bleach the color and cut the sheen right off of fine interior finishes. The average interior temperature of your vehicle on a 70-degree sunny day can easily reach over 100 degrees after just 30 minutes outside, slowly diminishing your seats, dashboard, door panels, and interior components. Leather interiors have many similarities with our own skin when it gets hot and weathered-- Our interior surfaces swell as they grow warmer and constantly expand and contract through the seasons, this promotes premature cracking, tearing, and flaking of leather dashboards, seats, and headrests.

In order to properly protect those surfaces, it is crucial to have a strong cleaner to remove existing oxidation or degradation from surfaces in preparation. Using unique technology within the chemistry of the cleaner, the product is able to make cleaning more efficient rather than use multiple harsh cleaners to remove dirt, protect, and maintain. This formula is unique in that you can wipe it into plastic or leather surfaces with a Premium Interior Towel, Cockpit Brush, or the Adam's Deep Clean Eraser to gently lift dirt, but it does not require any rinsing afterward like you may need to do with other strong cleaners. Simply apply a spray or two onto the surface or applicator, work the product into the surface, and then wipe clean with a Premium Interior Towel to leave the surface spotless and ready to be protected with Adam's Leather Conditioner or Leather & Interior Dressing if needed. For deeper cleaning, utilize Adam’s Interior Scrubbing Mitt with the Interior Cleaning Gel for harsh stains, embedded oils, makeup residue, or extreme buildup removal.

Adam's All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel is perfect for your vintage or modern car interior. It's gentle, yet effective on all leather, vinyl, and textured plastic finishes. Since it is a strong cleaner, test in a small spot first to ensure it does not remove any dye coloring from colored leather surfaces. If anything other than dirt comes up on your Edgeless Utility Towel, dilute it by up to 50% with water. Combine Adam’s All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel with the Interior Scrubbing Mitt or Cockpit Brush to remove heavy dirt, oil, and grease buildup on trouble areas like your steering wheel, door panels, console, and armrests for a deep clean. Then use it on other areas like leather and vinyl seats with an Edgeless Utility Towel.

  • Use On Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Wood, Carpet, Dashboards, & Upholstery.

  • Thick Gel Formula Reduces Running While Cleaning

  • Removes Stubborn Dirt, Grime & Stains

  • Anti-Static Properties

  • Clean Cotton Scent