Adam's One Step Polish 12oz

Adam's One Step Polish 12oz

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Adam's One Step Polish 12oz

Adam's One Step Polish is an all-in-one product that polishes to remove fine imperfections while adding protection and gloss.

With our One Step Polish, you can polish and protect your vehicle by hand or with a machine polisher. Adam's One Step Polish can be used in a variety of methods to achieve different results. This is not an aggressive compound to remove serious imperfections; however, you can use it with a few different machine polishing pads, with excellent results for various paint types and finishes. 

1. Shake well before use. For best results, work on a cool panel.
2. Light correction: Apply 4 drops of polish onto Adam’s White Foam Pad
3. Spread evenly over 2-ft by 2-ft area or smaller. Set speed to 3-4. 
4. Keep pad flat while working. Power on machine. Work slowly in up-down and left-right motions, light pressure, 25% overlap. 
5. Work until clear on surface. Remove residue with a Premium Microfiber Towel. Inspect surface. 
6. Medium correction: Perform above process using Adam’s Orange Foam Pad or Adam’s Blue Foam Pad. Set speed to 4-5. 
7. For each section, add minimal polish, 1 or 2 drops. 

Hand Application: 
1. Apply a few small drops onto Adam’s Blue Hex Grip Applicator
2. Spread onto surface using light, even pressure. 
3. Thoroughly work product into surface. 
4. Remove residue with a Premium Microfiber Towel.