Adam's 12mm Backing Plate for Swirl Killer Mini 12mm

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Over time, the Velcro and rubber portions of the backing plate on the Adam's Swirl Killer Mini can begin to wear down and lose their integrity, due to normal wear and tear, overuse, or overheating the backing plate - the Mini is designed as a spot-correction machine polisher and is not intended to polish an entire vehicle. Changing the backing plate renews the ability of your polisher to hold onto pads and makes sure you're getting optimal performance out of your investment. The Swirl Killer Mini OEM replacement backing plate is easy to install in just a few minutes using the wrench included with the machine. NOTE: Includes spacing washer for proper shroud gap on Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12MM Long Throw Polisher.

  • OEM Replacement Backing Plate
  • Designed to fit the Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12MM Long Throw Polisher
  • 2-7/8" Diameter Plate for use with our 4" Microfiber and Foam Pads