3D Products BDX - Brake Dust Remover 128oz

3D Products BDX - Brake Dust Remover 128oz

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3D Products BDX - Brake Dust Remover 128oz

Brake Dust Remover - chemically bleeds off iron particles safely!

3D Brake Dust remover will thoroughly remove iron particles and decontaminate automotive paint and wheels. BDX simple spray formula instantly creates a chemical reaction and turns purple upon contact with bonded iron particles embedded onto painted surfaces and wheels. BDX replaces harsh cleaners in most detailing applications as it cleans and dissolves fallout particles from wheels and painted surfaces.

Rinse and cool down the surface before using 3D BDX. Agitate as needed. Spray directly onto the work area and allow it to turn purple. Do not allow 3D BDX to dry on any surface. Rinse the surface thoroughly. 

Best not to use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Use in well ventilated area. Do not use on vinyl, leather tops or moldings.