3D NANO PAIL - Super Soap 64oz

3D NANO PAIL - Super Soap 64oz

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3D NANO PAIL - Super Soap 64oz

The new SUPER EMULSIFIED, ULTRA CONCENTRATED 3D NANO DRUMS formulations of soaps, cleaners, degreasers, and waxes not only produce higher quantities than a 55 gallon concentrated drum, but deliver even better results.

For the first time since the development of car wash chemicals, 3D has created ULTRA-CONCENTRATE car wash liquids that stay homogeneous. After years of research, we have developed a unique SUPER EXTRACTION process that produces highly potent ingredients. We then MICRO- HOMOGENIZE these ingredients to create LOW VISCOSITY, clear, homogeneous car wash products - that will not separate. The cleaning and production results are outstanding. We have now transformed large, bulky 55 gallons concentrated products into our new, 6 gallon NANO DRUMS - without sacrificing quality or performance.

Super Ultra-Concentrated, pH balanced cleaning soap can be used in automated car washes or by hand. This highly concentrated formula delivers rich, full bodied dense soap foam that easily removes grime, road film and dirt without dulling painted finish. This biodegradable formula delivers easy rinse-off and simple straight-forward dilution. 

Dilution: 0.5~1 oz : 5 gallon water