3D Ceramic Touch 2oz

3D Ceramic Touch 2oz

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3D Ceramic Touch 2oz

3D Ceramic Touch is an SiO2 formula designed to create extremely durable protection and superior shine. 3D Ceramic Touch is an easy-to-use, spray on coating that will leave your surface with intense hydrophobic properties and protected from harmful contaminants.


  • Make sure surface is well-prepped and free of any oils and residue.
  • Spray enough products to cover the surface with a fine mist, do not over saturate. 
  • Using a side to side pattern, spread the coating evenly with a low limiting microfiber towel or suede.
  • After waiting 30 seconds, buff the product off with a clean microfiber towel.  If surface feels oily, wait a few more seconds and wipe off again, do not wait more than 1 minute.
  • To ensure proper curing process, do not wash the surface for 72 hours after finishing the application.  To achieve optimum results, wait up to 5 days.

Does not come with applicator or towels.