Nextzett Waterless Wash 16.9oz

Nextzett Waterless Wash 16.9oz

Brand: Nextzett

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Product Description

  • Cleans without water
  • Scratch free results without any residue
  • Leaves a high gloss polymer protective finish
  • Perfect for those living in apartments, urban dwellers or where water restriction is enforced
  • Use on all vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles
  • Can be used as a quick detailer

Waterless Wash makes cleaning without the need for car wash soaps and water safe and effective. It cleans and protects in one step. With its base of advanced high molecular components, which ensures dirt is captured and removed from painted surfaces when used with a microfiber towel, you'll get a clean, scratch-free finish. A residue-free finish makes the need to rinse with water unnecessary. Protects the surface from contaminants using special polymeric components keeping your vehicle cleaner, longer.  Ideal for those living in apartments, urban dwellers, where water restriction is enforced or if you just want to avoid using water to clean your vehicle. 

16.9 oz (500 ml)