Waiver Form

Complementary Detailing Clinic Waiver Form by CARZILLA

In order to be permitted to participate in events hosted or sponsored by Carzilla Calgary Inc., and to use any equipment provided at the events, I agree to the following:

  • I hold myself responsible for my safety during the events, and I accept and assume all known and known risks that might occur while participating in the events. The risks could include, but not limited to, injuries, death, or property damage/destruction. Family members and/or friends that I bring along are also subject to the above agreement, whether attending the event or not. 

  • I am physically and mentally prepared to attend the events, and I have no medical condition that would prevent me from participating in the events or that would put other participants in the events at risk.

  • All claims, damages, injuries, liability and costs (“Claims”), associated with participating in the events hosted by Carzilla Calgary Inc. and using the equipment in the events, will be waived. I also renounce any legal actions against Carzilla Calgary Inc. and its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, sponsors and representatives, for any of those Claims.

  • Carzilla Calgary Inc. holds no right to indemnify any injuries or damages to myself or my properties caused by any third parties, or to indemnify damages or injuries that I may cause to third parties or their properties, associated with my participation in the events and/or use of the equipment. 

  • I allow myself to be photographed and videographed by Carzilla Calgary Inc. and its representatives and contractors at the events. I also give the above individuals consent to edit, publish, and utilize those photographs and videos in publications, compilations, websites, posters, banners, advertisements for products, services, or other commercial uses. I am aware that no compensation will be made for how the photographs and videos of me are being displayed/utilized, and that my rights to inspect, approve of, or use of the photographs and videos of me will also be waived.

  • I am at least the age of majority in the province where the events are being held.

  • All the events, activities, and programs organized and/or sponsored by Carzilla Calgary Inc. are applicable to the above agreement. Before signing this document, I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to obtain legal advice, and I have voluntarily chosen not to do so.

I have read and agree to the above waiver.  I am, as well as my executors, administrators and representatives, are to be bound by this agreement legally.