Simple guide to ceramic coatings: this is the most clear cut, straight forward ceramic coating warranty system you will ever experience.  What is a ceramic coating? It's a solid, transparent, slick and highly self-cleaning hydrophobic silica layer.
Gyeon mohs evo: what are the benefits of having a ceramic coating? it's not all about the looks! A well prepared and ceramic coated car looks amazing, as gyeon coatings are very glossy and enhance the intensity of the paint.
How does it work and which coating is the best? Quartz, ceramic, glass, self-healing, titanium or graphene? They all refer to the same type of product, are terms to name a sio2 silicone dioxide-based protective coating, that prevents paint oxidation.
Ceramic Maintenance is key by using a ceramic detailer, Cure, of sorts. All Gyeon Q2 line coatings show higher scratch resistance vs a non-coated panel due to their hardness and slickness. There are coatings for leather, fabric, trim, plastics, windows.
Do gyeon coatings have 9H hardness? Yes, just like every high-quality ceramic coatings. The important qualities of a ceramic coating are its enormous UV and chemical resistance, structural integrity and most of all, slickness and dirt rejection.
Will a coating always bead as day one? and what is the durability of a coating? Beading is a secondary feature of a coating. A coating might be even more self-cleaning being hydrophilic than hydrophobic. It will diminish with time with contamination.
Download the Gyeon coating after care PDF file here