Free Workshops - Maintenance and car care

If you're looking for something more intermediate, please see our Polishing Workshops.  

In this maintenance workshop, we'll cover the basics such as:

  • Wash regiments, waterless and rinseless
  • Clay bars, decontamination.  Dealing with sap, tar, fallouts and etched contaminants
  • Ceramic Coatings, waxes, sealants, paintwork cleansers
  • Hand polishing
  • Paint Protection Film maintenance
  • Swirl prevention and understanding paint defects
  • Have the chance to get hands-on with all sorts of products


Complimentary detailing seminars will be hosted most Sundays at 130 Canal Gardens, Strathmore, AB, just a 30min cruise East of Calgary.

• Seminars are free.  There's no catch, it's just fun to do!

• Hosted on Sundays, book below to reserve your spot.

• Everyone welcomed.

• Guided by seasoned professionals.

• All contained in a charming, modern studio.