Free Workshops

We decided to end our workshops for 2021 due to increasing covid cases and reintroduction of provincial restrictions.  Thanks to those who joined us, hope it was fun and educational! 

  • Q: When are the workshops coming back? 
  • A: 2021 has ended, please check back for 2022's.
  • Q: When are the workshops available from?
  • A: Normally we run them from April ~ Sept.
  • Q: Are masks required?
  • A: Yes, to keep everyone safe.
  • Q: Is there a waitlist?
  • A: Currently no.
  • Q: How many can attend?
  • A: It's limited to 10 attendees per session.
  • Q: What's the catch?
  • A: Nope, no catch!  Just fun to get together and maybe learn something new.
  • Q: How do I book?
  • A: There'll be a calendar below for you to book, it's only on Sundays between 10am-12pm.
  • Q: What do you cover?
  • A: Primary on polishing, pad theories, techniques, hands on work; or anything you like to bring up.
  • Q: Do you cover sanding?
  • A: Generally no, but it depends on the interest of attendees, we can also cover that.
  • Q: Do I need to bring anything?
  • A: No, all equipment are supplied.  There are all sorts of polishers, Rupes, Flex, Rotary, Cordless polishers, ceramic coatings etc., for you to play.
  • Q: I'm a pro-detailer, can I help facilitate?
  • A: Yes!  We do invite real world pros to share and facilitate.

Complimentary detailing and polishing clinics in a relaxing, gather around format. Won’t make you a professional overnight :) but will give you enough confidence to tackle your first job or refine your touch.

Complimentary detailing seminars will be hosted most Sundays at 130 Canal Gardens, Strathmore, AB, just a 30min cruise East of Calgary.

• Seminars are free.  There's no catch, it's just fun to do!

• Hosted on Sundays, book below to reserve your spot.

• Everyone welcomed, from absolute beginners to pros.

• Hands on with various polishers.

• In depth analysis of polishing techniques, compounds, polishing pads, ceramic coatings, step by step guides, FAQs, and more.

• Guided by seasoned professionals.

• All contained in a charming, modern studio.