CARPRO Certification

CARPRO Cquartz Finest Reserve, Professional, DQuartz, Nautik & Immortal PPF


Prepare // PROtect

The Professional CQUARTZ line with its accompanying products is the benchmark in vehicle protection.

Maintain //

Maintenance is key to all successful coating jobs and ensuring it stays in showroom condition. All CARPRO's products are complementary and designed with the entire detailing process in mind.

carpro nautik marine gelcoat ceramic coating


CARPRO Certified Only - Marine Grade ceramic quartz coating.

NAUTIK was designed to bond directly with gel-coat and fiberglass surfaces where it becomes a solid barrier between the surface and its environment. Once installed, your watercraft becomes far easier to clean. No longer will you constantly have to abrade or polish the surface just to get it clean. In real world tests, algae, scum lines, and other normally tough dirt, were easily removed with a simple wipe of a microfiber towel.

CARPRO Immortal instant self healing PPF film

CARPRO Immortal: Instant self-healing PPF Film.

With CARPRO Immortal, we are not only joining the PPF market but taking a massive step in innovation to offer you the first-ever paint protection film which instantly self-heals in temperatures as low as -20°C

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CARPRO Currently not accepting Mobile Detailers. Applicants must be studio based.

Q: What are the Coating requirements, are there any 'training' required?
Q: What are the PPF requirements? Are there training near my area?
Q: What do I need before applying?

1. Copy of business license

2. Pictures of your facility; presentable studio

3. Functional Website or Social Media

4. 2 years of experience

5. Be insured

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