Complimentary detailing and polishing clinics in a relaxing, gather around format. Won’t make you a professional overnight, but will give you enough confidence to tackle your first job or refine your touch.  Learn different polishing techniques, test machines, pads, polishing compounds.  Know how much paint you're actually polishing off as we demonstrate paint thickness measurements pre and post polishing, compounding or sanding.  Reserve your spot on

Complimentary detailing seminars will be hosted most Sundays at 130 Canal Gardens, Strathmore, AB, just a 30min cruise East of Calgary.

• Seminars are absolutely free.

• Hosted most Sundays over the Spring and Summer.

• Everyone welcomed, from absolute beginners to pros.

• Hands on with various polishers.

• In depth analysis of polishing techniques, compounds, polishing pads, ceramic coatings, step by step guides, FAQs, and more.

• Guided by seasoned professionals.

• All contained in a charming, modern studio.

• There's no catch!  We're just a bunch of car people that really enjoys this!