Artdeshine certification nano graphene coating and metal oxide coating with warranty.

Nano Graphene & Metal Oxide Coating.


Most surface protection coatings are made using many different silicon-based polymers and silanes, which all contain silicon (Si) groups including SiO2. This is the reason why manufacturers affix names like GLASS, CERAMIC, QUARTZ, CRYSTAL to their products since these are derived from SiO2. They are simply just names for ease of marketing.

All of Artdeshine’s coating formulations utilize the same silicon-based polymers and silanes as with many other brands/manufacturers. We call some of our products “ceramic coatings” too. Even our graphene coatings are no exception. We add processed nano-sized Graphene Oxide (GO) into the formulation, hence the name.

ADS Nano graphene coating NGC
Artdeshine Ceramic Metal Oxide CMO coating
Artdeshine graphene coatings
Hydrophobic anti static, repellent and slick graphene coating.  With a very hydrophobic, repellent and slick
surface enabled by our coatings,
liquid/contaminants are less able to stay on
the surface. The surface area covered by
concentration is reduced.
The unique polymer composition of our coatings helps to slow down and
reduce the chances of etching/corrosion significantly. This is because of
the dense polymer structure resulting in less microscopic “holes” for
contaminants to settle in.
waterspot, marks and etching resistant. A graphene coating only trait. Caused by combination of liquid,
heat/UV, contaminants Rain, bird poo, tree sap, salt, oils Permanent dulling Removable only by abrasive polishing.

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