Lithium Leather Love 8oz

Lithium Leather Love 8oz - CARZILLA
Lithium Leather Love 8oz - CARZILLA.CA

Lithium Leather Love 8oz

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Lithium Leather Love 8oz

Leather Love takes hydrating and conditioning to the next level, with a higher viscosity blend and additional ingredients. This intense rejuvenation will make your leather “Look away from the Light” and come back to life.

Here is the thing, if the skins are dehydrated and damaged you are going to have to replace some oils, lanolin, and lipids- or your car’s interior. At two grand for new seats, we suggest you try showing your Leather some love first and see what happens.

With newer leathers that are in good condition, we usually do not go the heavy route; instead, we found a cream base is best- like our stupidly easy to use Hide Rehab (Shameless Plug). However, when things look grim in the cockpit, the addition of essential oils and a touch of natural Bees Wax to seal them in really does the trick.

  • All Natural ingredients, feed and hydrate even
    the most neglected leather.

  • Lanolin- the substance which keeps skin soft and protected.

  • Essential Oils- They are pure, light and will not damage
    but bring even the worst leather, back to better..

  • Bees Wax and Vitamin -E hold in the moisture and protect
    hides which have been exposed to the elements to long.


Directions: This is a higher viscosity product, which will bring neglected skins back from the brink. It will darken the leather a bit. So, try it somewhere inconspicuous to make sure you are good with the new look. Clean the surface first with Hyper Cleanse. Massage Leather Love into the leather by hand or with a soft micro fiber towel or sponge applicator.

Allow the product to absorb for a while (say, 10 years;) Then wipe off excess with a clean dry towel. For really ‘Sad Skins’ you may have to do several applications, over the course of a couple of days.

Extra Credit: After your seats have sat overnight ad a coat of Hide Rehab to them. This product has natural U.V. Inhibitors, which will add an extra layer of protection. Also, it is always better to apply leather conditioning products on leather that is warm (not hot) this ensures the product is properly absorbed into the pores of the hides.

Lithium Leather Love 8oz - CARZILLA.CA