TACSYSTEM Tar Zero 500ml

TACSYSTEM Tar Zero 500ml

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TACSYSTEM Tar Zero - Powerful Adhesive, Tar and tree sap remover, yet natural and biodegradable.

Tar Zero is a versatile tar, adhesive, sap, paint transfer, and bug remover. Tar Zero is formulated with natural citrus ingredients, works on paint, glass, plastics, vinyl* Side note on plastics and vinyl is this: since the Tar Zero is considered as a solvent, it’s not recommended to leave the product on plastics for too long. It’s safe to use yes, but do not let it sit for too long, max 1-2 min.

Tar Zero can be treated as Iron Zero, it’s not a claybar replacement, but a complementary to it. Using the Tar Zero first to remove majority of contaminants will make claybarring safer and easier.

Do not use on fabric/canvass convertible tops, do not leave product on surface for more than 6 minutes and do not let it dry. Wear protective gear such as respirator & gloves if needed.

General directions:

Spray on the effected areas, let it react for 1-4 minutes then rinse or wash off. Tar Zero is also a very effective tire cleaner, simply spray, scrub, and rinse, it’ll remove all browning off tires. Make sure to follow up with your favourite tire dressing.

After treating with Tar Zero, make sure to wash surface again or use Oil Zero.