TACSYSTEM Paintwork Cleaner 150ml

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TACSYSTEM Paintwork Cleaner - Clay bar replacement - An escape to clay' bar’s abrasion.

TAC’s Paintwork Cleaner is a different take on the traditional method of paint decontamination, which is claybarring. Clay bars has stand true for decades, it has been proven again and again as one of the best ways to not only decon the paint, but also remove overspray, tar, caked on materials and such. It mechanically pulls unwanted pollutants off the paint surface, leaving a clean slate for polishing/waxing/coating.

However, the negative side of claying has often been neglected, which is marring. Clay bars in the professional world is often treated as an abrasion, the culprit is not only the clay itself, but also the grit it carries. Though very fine and minor, clay bar will leave its trails.

This is where TAC’s Paintwork Cleaner comes in. You may have hear of other paint cleaners, that remove swirl marks, cleans the paint, water spots and such, but TAC’s version is dedicated to remedy the issue with clay bars. They proudly announce their product as a clay bar replacement.

General directions:

How the Paintwork Cleaner works is slightly different, it works on wet surfaces, similar to the need of a lubricant from clay bars. Take a microfiber sponge, or a medium density sponge, ex) The Lake Country Orange Hand Pad, apply products onto applicator and rub in circular motions with light pressure, ensuring full and thorough coverage. Afterwards, rinse residue off with water. Feel the paint, repeat if grit is still present. Inspect the microfiber sponge often in case of unwanted grit. Have multiple pads handy, switch often, the cleaner the pad the better the results.