TACSYSTEM Mystic Water 500ml SiO2 Wash & Coat

TACSYSTEM Mystic Water 500ml SiO2 Wash & Coat

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TACSYSTEM Mystic Water - pH neutral wash and coat, designed for both coated and uncoated vehicles.

Literally cheat in a bottle - wash, coat, done. Rust proofing for your rock chips.

TACSYSTEM’s obsession with Si is real, it’s even in the shampoo. TAC is the original quartz coating manufacturer where many brands take inspiration from over the years. The Mystic Water is a shampoo specifically made for coated vehicles, safe on wheels, glass, plastics, vinyl, rubber, paint etc. It’s the birth of Mystic Bubble and Water Glass in a bottle.

Washing with the Mystic Water should be a weekly regiment for your coated or non coated vehicles. As it creates a hydrophobic layers on top of your sealant/wax/coating, creating a sacrificial layer preserving what’s underneath.

If you do let it dry it will leave streaks, but you can rewash to remove streaks.

General instructions:

Foam cannon use, dilute 1:5 ~ 1:10. Bucket wash 1:300 ~ 1:500. There’s no by the book, dilute according to you liking. After washing, allow Mystic Water to dwell for 3~5 min before rinsing, but do not let dry.