Scholl Concepts S2 Orange 1 Kg Heavy Cut Compound

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Scholl Concepts S2 Orange Extra Heavy Cut Compound 1000g

As with many of the Scholl Concepts compounds and polishes the unique iPT (intelligent Powder Technology) is fully utilized. Based on high purity aluminum oxide abrasives, Scholl S2 Orange is a heavy cut compound created to quickly remove defects from scratch resistant paints while being perfectly safe for use on conventional automotive paints as well.  Remove orange peel, paint runs, and deep scratches with ease.

Scholl S2 Orange is a user friendly compound that when used in tandem with Scholl pads produces fast results.  Scholl S02 can be used with Rotary, Dual Action, or by hand and works well on all finishes of all ages.  

After removing heavy defects, follow up with S3 Gold or S17.


  • Heavy cut
  • Body Shop Safe - Silicone and wax free
  • Easily Removes deep scratches, bird etchings, extreme water spots, and heavy defects
  • Versatile - Dual Action, Rotary, or Hand
  • Use on multiple paint types


  • Made in Germany
  • 1 Kg
  • Cut: 7/8 - Extra Heavy
  • Gloss: 5/8


  • Rotary: 1200 - 2000 rpm
  • Dual Action: Speed 3 - 6
  • For best results follow up with S3 Gold, or S17.

S2 vs S2 Orange: The Orange is suited for scratch resistant or UV cured hard paint.