Lithium Auto Elixirs

For Gloss Sauce, we gathered a plethora of light-vectoring ingredients that enhance paint better than anything on the planet. Then we took ultra-pure T-1 Carnauba waxes, which make your paint look a mile thick, and started doing some freestyling—adding in some really interesting polymers, and not just any polymers—we added Curable Amino Functional Polymers.

If we had to choose only one product to protect, beautify, and keep our cars healthy, it would be Seal and Squeal. Sealants are extremely versatile when it comes to offering shine, protection, and longevity. However, we took it well beyond that and formulated Seal and Squeal around a foundation of Active Amino Polymers, which bond to paint surfaces, almost to the point of being needy and weird. The upside is- it ain’t washing away anytime soon. The remaining ingredients we use to make this product are also second to none. Seal and Squeal will gobble up oxidation and ad a shine to painted surfaces like no other.

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