GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml

GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml - CARZILLA.CA
GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml - CARZILLA.CA

GYEON Q² Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml

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Fast Ceramic Coating for tires

Rubber Restoration

Q² Tire not only protects tires but also enhances their appearance, making their sidewalls look factory fresh with profoundly vivid look. The darkened richness lasts even after the degradation of hydrophobicity.

It adds moisture back to the rubber, making them supple again. It can also be used to restore and protect weather seals.

Tire Applicator

Comes in two sizes, small for low profile tires and large for truck tires.

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Removes tire browning

The cleaner the surface, the better the coating will bond.

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Water-based dressing

Want something quicker to apply? Try the Tire Express, can be applied while the tires are still wet.

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Durable Deep look

The super-concentrated, SiO2-infused formula of Q² Tire requires a very high level of surface preparation. Make sure to clean the tire with Q²M TireCleaner and let it dry. Rub a small amount of the product into the surface and allow it to dry.

TIP: To prolong the durability of Q² Tire, heat the surface tire wall with a heat gun. This will open the micropores of the rubber and allow the product to soak in. The result is a more matte finish and extended durability.

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Gyeon tire coating, found at!

GYEON Tire SiO2 Coating 400ml

Advanced quartz technology combined with user friendly characteristics

Q² Tire is the worlds first and only SiO2-based tyre coating. It guarantees not only durability, but splendid visual effects as well.

  • CONSUMPTION: 10-15ml / 1 set

  • DURABILITY: >5 washes


Q² Tire not only secures tires, it also improves their looks, making the wall seem enameled, with profoundly vivid colors. The effect even lasts after deterioration of the hydrophobic effect on the tire.


Q² Tire is brilliantly efficient in repelling dirt and is a product which endures at least a couple of washes. It stays on even when applying water under pressure, while its ability to penetrate into the rubber structure ensures that is keeps its effects visible for a long time.


Before you start applying, wash the tire (a strong degreaser is recommended). Make sure that the surface is clean and dry. To increase durability, heat after application with a heatgun or hairdryer. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical attention if swallowed.

When properly applied (we recommend two coats), it will last up to 10 washes, translating to 2-3 months of durability.

GYEON Tire will produce a satin finish but can be further buffed down to a light satin. It will dull down over time to a deep matte finish.

Tire Express is water-based and can be applied while the tires are still wet. It's meant to be used as a 'fast dressing' and does not require preparation as thorough as GYEON Tire. Tire Express can also be used on other rubber surfaces, such as weather seals, to restore and protect them.

No, it will not sling. The reason why something will sling is if too much product is applied without buffing it down. Also, ensure there are no products in the tire treads; make sure those are cleaned up as well.

A little goes a long way; just a few drops of GYEON Tire can coat an entire tire. You can also use this on other rubber pieces, such as weather seals, to rehydrate and protect from cracking.

TIP: The product can be applied thick on tires and left to soak in for a few hours before coming back to level it off.

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