Wowo’s Show Stopper 500ml

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Wowo’s Show Stopper provides pure gloss enhancement to your car’s paintwork. Wowo’s Show Stopper is ideal for car shows or car meets, where you want your car to truly pop. Wowo’s Show Stopper provides tremendous amounts of pure gloss and will not affect coatings or hydrophobic finishes. Wowo’s Show Stopper works on all exterior surfaces will not harm matte or satin finishes either.

If you are someone who spends a good deal of time detailer your car to show it off a car shows, meet ups or the like, then Wowo’s Show Stopper is the product you have been looking for. Wowo’s Show Stopper is solely a gloss enhancer to give your car that finishing touch of ‘pop’.

Wowo’s Show Stopper is a bottle of pure gloss, perfect to enhance your paint for last minute perfection. This perfect for car shows to give your car the extra glances and attention it deserves. Though Wowo’s Show Stopper will make your car look great, it won’t affect any existing coatings on your car. It also won’t affect your hydroponic finishes. This product is safe to use on all exterior surfaces and won’t cause any harm to sensitive matter or satin finishes.

-Make sure the vehicle is clean before applying.
-Shake the bottle well.
-Spray directly onto a clean panel.
-Buff away the product using a clean microfiber towel.