Wowo’s Fallout Remover 500ml

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Wowo’s Fallout Remover removes embedded particles and iron deposits from your car’s surface, that you can’t even see. Wowo’s Fallout Remover has surfactants that dissolve iron and other particles, causing a reaction that makes your car look like it is turning purple. Unlike most products, Wowo’s Fallout Remover has a fresh lemon scent, allowing you to work a little more comfortably. Formulated with a rich lather, Wowo’s Fallout Remover can break down the toughest of iron particles. Wowo’s Fallout Remover is a simple step towards a decontaminated car.

When you look at your car and you think it looks clean, run a hand over the surface. If you feel a bumpy or rough surface, that means that the surface is contaminated. These contaminants usually come from iron particles that are harder to see. Luckily, Wowo’s Fallout Remover can easily and effectively, remove those particles.

Wowo’s Fallout Remover is designed to be a highly rich lather, filled with surfactants to help breakdown and contamination it comes in contact with. With the assistance of a little agitation, the lather starts to do its magic of removing iron contaminants. Normally, with an iron remover, there is an uncomfortable chemically smell to the product. However, with Wowo’s Fallout Remover work a little more comfortably with a product that has a fresh lemon scent.

Wowo’s Fallout Remover is an easy step in your detailing process. Safe on paint surfaces, as well as, as wheels, all you have to do is aim, spray and rinse. Once the remaining purple residue has been washed away, give your surface a feel. It should feel much smoother than before and now is ready for the next step.

*It is recommended to wash the car beforehand*
-Shake well!
-Spray liberally all over the contaminated areas.
-Allow Fallout Remover to work and 'Bleed' the contaminants out of the paintwork
-Don't let Fallout Remover dry on the panel.
-Rinse the vehicle thoroughly after use