Wowo’s Crystal Sealant 500ml

Wowo’s Crystal Sealant 500ml

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Wowo’s Crystal Sealant is a nano-polymer based spray sealant for your paint. Wowo’s Crystal Sealant gives the cross-linking power of the nano technology creates a resistant surface and a strong bond of protection. Wowo’s Crystal Sealant is safe for all surfaces, leaving each surface with a glossy and extremely hydrophobic finish. Plus, with the spray application, it is easy-to-use for any skill level.

Sealants are great product when it comes to detailing. After all, it pretty much seals (hence the name), all the work you’ve already put forth on the car. However, sealants can be time consuming and sometimes can be too advanced for a beginner. But with Wowo’s Crystal Sealant you can protect your surfaces no matter your skill level or your time frame.

Wowo’s Crystal Sealant devises a cross-linking nano siloxane, which basically creates a mesh across the paint surface that is extremely resistant to contaminants. This means the bond between Wowo’s Crystal Sealant and the surface is extra strong, providing you with protection that can last up to one year, with just one application. Thanks to this protective mesh, your car will not only be protected but also look great with a gloss, deep finish. This protection also includes the power of hydrophobicity. The water will simply bead up and roll away, rather than implanting itself on your clean surface. Goodbye water spots!

-Shake well!
-Spray directly onto the vehicles surface or spray onto a microfiber towel or applicator.
-Work a small section of the vehicle at a time.
-Don’t allow product to dry on surface and immediately buff the surface with a microfiber towel.