Oil-OFF Gallon (Stuck-OFF)

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Oil-OFF – Non-flammable bio-solvent, SUPER ADHESIVE AND TAR REMOVER.

Cleans oils, soils, greases, wax, tar, bitumen, asphalt, crude oil, carbon, tree sap, adhesives, urethane, silicone, primer, rust inhibitor, pipe thread, etc.  Perfect for cleaning burnt exhaust soot without damaging the finish.

Safe for user - safe for many types surfaces - including vinyl, plastic, glass, leather, fabric & painted surfaces.

Will not evaporate and can be applied for an extended period of time without damaging surfaces, in order to ensure one-pass with pressure washer. Less time washing, less water used - RINSES RESIDUAL FREE.

While other products may work well to clean heavy oils or soils, Oil-OFF™ conquers both challenges at the same time using powerful ecologically-sensitive chemicals for the most effortless clean-up possible. Whatever your challenge – invert mud, tar sands, or heavy oil mixed with soil – none match the force of Oil-OFF™ bio-solvent.

This breakthrough product combines highly effective surfactants and wetting agents that cut through any medium to make it pliable enough for easy rinsing. Simultaneously, Oil-OFF™ emulsifies heavy oils, including tar and bitumen, using synthetic and organic bio-solvents for rapid, safe removal.