Menzerna Gelcoat Premium Gloss Super Finish 1L

Brand: Menzerna

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Pure luxury! Menzerna’s Gelcoat Premium Gloss is the flagship in the gloss class.

The ultimate mirror finish of Menzerna’s Gelcoat Premium Gloss (PG) is revealed to its best advantage on dark gelcoat surfaces. Gliding along weightlessly: the smooth and flawless surface makes it possible. Aesthetic and functional enjoyment for sailing and motor boats. Get the best results in the least time – gel coats tend to be much thicker, harder, and more porous than clear coat, and as a result this product is formulated with more aggressive abrasives and special chemistry to prevent the polish from being absorbed before it can be worked over the surface. Automotive compounds will work, but can result in greater product usage, more time spent, and less desirable results.

Cut / Gloss: 3 / 10