Lake Country UDOS 51E 5" Backing Plate

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Meet LC's Aero Plate

The newly engineered UDOS® 51E 5" (127mm) Aero™ backing plate adapts aerospace industry technology to increase airflow through the tool when in use, and makes detailing work easier. The technology is currently patent pending.

  • Save money on replacement pads: less heat means that pads last longer
  • Less discomfort on the job from overheating tools
  • Easily check if the pad is rotating correctly, with clear markings on the backing plate
  • Dynamic Balancing provides a perfect match to the UDOS 51E
  • Designed for use with the UDO pad line, as well as 5” and 6” hook and loop sandpaper
  • UDOS aero ducting builds positive air pressure inside the backing plate forcing cool and down through the plate and into the pad, keeping it cool.