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Waxedshine Carnauba Wax box set

Waxedshine premium Carnauba Wax is a pure blend of the highest grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax currently available. Yellow Carnauba from Brazil is classed as the highest quality natural wax in the world. Naturally hard in its raw form, Carnauba has a very high melting point that when applied to a vehicle's paintwork, provides ultimate protection to sunlight and remains consistent and reliable in harsh conditions. Application is effortless and the wax glides on like butter leaving that quality glaze you expect from a high end wax. Whether you leave for 5 minutes or 30 minutes the wax wipes off with little effort leaving a depth of shine and light reflection that has to be seen to believe. Along with this we have formulated our wax to be very durable so that the shine lasts and aids when washing your vehicle. 

Combined with our snow foam and snow foam lance wash system, you really have the ultimate process and protection with unmatched shine and depth. Being a group of detailer's for many years, the Waxedshine team has taken the extra steps and time to make sure that this wax is worthy on any vehicle providing ultimate results. Each wax tin containers close to 40% true raw Brailizian #1 grade yellow carnauba which is why we can say you must try this wax and see the outstanding results for yourself. This is one we are very proud of!