KXK Dynamics PR-2 Polishing Rack

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A year ago... at the dawn of 2017, the PR-1 changed the automotive refinishing world by becoming the first polishing rack designed for storing and displaying the technicians' tools of choice... their polishers! Now, it has been taken a step further with the PR-2, which is a compact unit that was designed to easily mount to the wall or even directly to your cart! What's more, is that the PR-2's sleek design also acts as an integrated shock absorber so that when placing the machine on the rack it does not fall off. Even if moving or bumped! It can also safely house up to 2 machines, one large in the front, and one mini unit in its cradle. Fabricated from high strength steel, the PR-2 is precision cut, punched, and formed to exact specifications. The PR-2 is then coated in a high strength powder coat finish, both inside and out, to provide an additional layer of protection from oxidation, and offer an industrial aesthetically pleasing finish. EVERY enthusiast should own one of these and every professional needs one on their cart!

• Can Be Mounted Onto A Cart Or Wall!
• Easily Fits A Variety Of Dual Action, Pneumatic, And
Rotary Buffers
• Keeps Your Machines Organized
• Stores Up To 2 machines
• Durable And Rust-Proof Finish
• Neoprene Gasket For Hanging Area Is Included

• Material: 14 Gauge high strength steel
• Finish: Industrial Strength Powder Coat
• Width: 6”
• Height: 9”
• Depth from wall: 3"
• Weight: 1.9 lbs +/-
• Fastener Spacing: 3/4” o.c.
• Storage Opening: 5” x 6”
• **Mounting Hardware Not Included**