KOVAX ToleCut 5 Sheets and Blocks Kit

KOVAX ToleCut 5 Sheets and Blocks Kit

Brand: Kovax

Product Code: 2855.kit

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Introducing the most advanced and smart system for taking care of dust nibs and runs on topcoat finishing. The Tolecut Touch-Up system utilizes state of the art Dry Lube technology to prevent both loading and deep scratches. This dry application allows constant progress monitoring for delicate jobs.

Kit inlcudes 5 precut sheets and 2 blocks:

  • 1x 8-Cut P800 sheet

  • 1x 8-Cut P1200 sheet

  • 1x 8-Cut P1500 sheet

  • 1x 8-Cut P2000 sheet

  • 1x 8-Cut P3000 sheet

  • 2x Toleblocks