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DIY GYEON PPF Protect+ Car Bra Film Kit

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Invisible car bra for your paintwork

Precision pre-cut DIY paint protection film from GYEON.  PPF Protect+ and Enhance are advanced paint protection films, offering the ultimate protection against mechanical damage, matched with outstanding hydrophobic/water beading, self-healing properties, gloss, clarity and depth.  Think of the film already has a PPF ceramic coating pre-applied!


PPF Protect+ is a thick and hydrophobic paint protection film designed to resist UV, chemical and mechanical damage with great gloss. Great self-healing ability. Easy application with low stretch mark risk.

What's the difference between GYEON Enhance and Protect+?

GYEON introduced two innovative types of film. Both PROTECT+ and ENHANCE are made of the same thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a unique pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer. What differs, are the film-specific topcoats. Both topcoats are ceramic-based, but have different features.  

Despite 2 different top-coat, both films share incredible hydrophobicity and self-healing properties. 

Other than both "naked films" are easy to apply, stretchable, crystal clear, glossy, self-healing, anti-yellowing, slick and hydrophobic, the main difference is thickness.  The slight increase in thickness is beneficial for daily drivers and race vehicles where the front end sees a lot of debris.  However, if it's a vehicle with very complex front bumpers, BMW M vehicles, for example, it's best to go with the slightly thinner Enhance, it's easier for first-timers to apply.  Thinner is just more stretchable, easier to form.

Did you know a properly installed GYEON's PPF film can actually reduce the appearance of factory orange peel?  The film is able to provide a more levelled surface vs factory paint, thus hiding orange peel in the process.

Please contact us if you need other custom trim pieces such as rockers, pillars, rear bumpers, door cups, roof etc., or if you cannot find your vehicle.

Important steps to add your Year, Make, Model, Trim:

1. Hover mouse over the Cart icon and click on View Shopping Bag

2. Under Special Instructions, enter your Year, Make, Model, Trim, Phone Number and as much information as you can, including small details such as if the bumper is equipped with sensors, camera modules, special editions, etc.  Note: Hood coverage is 24" in.

3. And that's it!  Your kit will also come with a soft squeegee.