Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax 1L (SiO2)

Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax 1L (SiO2)

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5~10% SiO2 silica spray in a bottle.

Works on all exterior surfaces: paint, headlights, vinyl, PPF, windows, trims, metals, fibreglass, gel coat, boats, RV's etc.  Though the name has "wax" in it, there's actually no carnauba content, it's more of a coating spray or SiO2 spray sealant.  SiO2 content of at least 5%+.  Can be used to top any ceramic coating, such as Talon, aegis, Devil's Blood, Typhoon etc., as well as coated wheels, to increase, maintain and recover coating slickness and beading.  Safe on matte finishes also, may add a slightly richer, darkened finish.  Due to the higher SiO2 content, the Ultimate Coating Wax will also fill very light swirl marks, and add a shade for that deep, wet look.

1L refill bottle does not come with a sprayer.

CANNOT SHIP TO THE US.  Canadian customers only.