Fireball Ultimate Car Shampoo 4L (Super Mild) 1:1500

Brand: fireball

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A shampoo doesn't get as mild as this.

This Fireball shampoo is not only ultra-concentrated, it's also super mild, gentle, yet effective. A good shampoo not only suds up nicely, but it also needs to be slick. Slickness is actually a more important feature when picking a car shampoo than suds, as any “rinseless washes” only rely on slickness and not suds.

Want to keep the waxes on your vehicle but remove modest soil and traffic film?  Not every wash requires strong detergents.  This is your guy.  

  • Ultra-concentrated, Dilute 1:1000 ~ 1:1500
  • Will still create a healthy amount of suds at said dilution.